Welcome to the League of Money, THE blog dedicated to bring you the best betting tips on European and North American League of Legends Championship Series (EU and NA LCS).

● What is this blog about and why should I ever visit it again?
First and most important of all, League Of Money is a blog to help you make money! In short, we recommend to you which teams you should bet on, you win money, we get a populated website, everybody is happy. And yes, that means that all of the tips are FREE.

● Who are you?
We are a group of skilled players and bettors with extensive knowledge about League of Legends spending TONS of time learning and analysing more and more information about the game to make very educated and the best possible betting decisions.

● Why should I trust you and your tips?
We track the success rate and profit of our tips in the statistics section on the right. But keep in mind that all of your bets are placed at your own risk and losing streaks can happen.

● How can I start betting and making money?
You can start on one of the betting websites as soon as you create an account and deposit a certain amount of money. We recommend Pinnacle Sports for the best odds or bet365 for a 100% deposit bonus.

EU and NA LCS matches are played every week from Thursday to Sunday in the evening (GMT). You can find more information and watch the matches at the official League of Legends E-Sports website.

Feel free to ask us any additional questions at leagueofmoney@yahoo.com.

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